Our Practice

We are a unique nursing consultant agency. The primary focus is to assist our professional clients individually with issues related to concerns with the many facets of long term care, acute care, rehabilitation services, assisted living, home health care, standards of care, clinical education and state and federal regulatory items that would benefit from expert inner knowledge.


LNCs are registered nurses who provide medical counsel regarding your legal matters. LNCs often review medical records and reports for cases that involve personal injury, negligence, workers’ compensation, malpractice, or wrongful deaths.




 Pinpoint, survey, and specify meaningful medical records, infirmary strategies and operations, other documents, and palpable items to aid the attorney to get to the heart of the case fleetly.



 When a law firm contacts our team we address literature searches and interfuse the literature and standards into the case analysis. We research and analyze the validity of research to studies relied on by all parties. We also develop life care plans.

The Right Advice

We agree that the attorney is the expert on legal issues however; the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant is the expert on delivery of nursing practices, assessing appropriate care, medical records documentation and the multiplex system of the healthcare industry.We want you to be in-the-know with the latest news in our industry and profession.

Why Choose Us

Honest, Expert LNC’S

Through proper preparation, documentation, and expert testimony, our experts can help screen and organize the medical records for your cases.

Save Time, Save Money

We can educate an attorney on medical issues which saves time and money on the initial opinions of expensive medical experts.

Full & Part Time Consulting Available

We close the gap between the medical and judicial system. Insider’s Eye Legal Nurse Consultants represent both plaintiff and defendant, locate testifying experts, and act as expert witnesses.